Spend some time communeating

The hustle and bustle here in Giddy does not encourage people to spend time by themselves. Day in and day out, going out and coming in, we are encouraged to spend as much time as we can with other people in the community eating. The media constantly emphasizes this, whether it’s with family, with your friends, or with the significant other. This is especially true when it comes to food and dining.

Does this mean that when someone is seen eating alone the person is considered a figure of pity? (After all, something bad must be going on in their life if they’re sitting all by their lonesomeness).

Food happens to be our common ground, from the informal meet-up, regular Sunday rice, to the larger family-centric festive meals during Christmas, Easter etc. This time, it’s Christmas in August powered by Diet234.

For a lot of people, dining alone isn’t a bad thing. It’s not even a matter of grudging necessity as it can sometimes be for others. For those who like dining alone, asking for “a table for one” at a restaurant or taking time to prepare a healthy meal isn’t something to be embarrassed about; it’s something to celebrate.

Good day everyone.